Setting Realistic Goals for YouTube Marketing Campaigns

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Online video marketing campaigns are a fairly new addition to the set of tools businesses have, today, to get their message across. Therefore, it is sometimes hard to know what to expect and how to set realistic goals. Often, there is so much excitement and hype for putting your message on YouTube, a global market. Having realistic expectations for your corporate video and the results is essential to keep you moving forward.


One of the best things you can do in your video marketing plans is to set your goals first, before the videos are created, so that you will know what you wish to achieve. It is those with the clearest vision before they start their journey who will ultimately win in the end.

Here are some important questions to ask when launching your corporate web video marketing campaigns to ensure that you get the best results possible and reach your goals:

  1. What message are you sending?  What is the purpose of the video message? If you are explaining something, you will approach the making of the video in a different way than if you are focused on your “branding.” If it is about product sales, you will want to take a more direct approach and the filming should be “tighter” and more in tune with the product you are selling. Consider whether your message should be direct or indirect and gear your video production and presentation strategy to this.


  1. Who are you hoping to reach? One of the most important questions you need to answer before launching a direct marketing campaign of any kind is to consider your audience. The famous entrepreneur and tech guru, Mark Cuban, of “Shark Tank,” states that you must “know your market.” This is true of anything you do, especially when sending out a video message which you hope to get responses from. Do you want general traffic (which has a broader base but is less niche-focused), or do you want specific, targeted traffic? If you are trying to sell a specific product in a niche area, you’ll want to focus on the targeted traffic. If you are working on branding, and need to get your message to a broader audience, you will want to get more general traffic instead.


  1. How will things change if you succeed?  How will you know it is successful? If gaining more subscribers to your company newsletter is the goal, you will know it is successful by the increase in subscribers. Try to prognosticate the results and then look ahead to what will be needed to support the new traffic, and adjust your follow up marketing strategies accordingly.
  2. How will I measure success? Just like anything else you do in business or in life, you need to have a way to measure your success. Google and YouTube both have several great analytical tools to help you right on the website and on the YouTube page. Use the analytical data to tell where viewers are coming from, when they watch, how long they watch, and other aspects as you measure your success.

Watch for new subscribers to your company newsletter, send out surveys and ask for feedback, and use your video marketing campaign to gain new followers on Twitter. There’s never been a better time to create corporate web video, but the question is how to do it and get it to do the most good for your company and your brand, and how to measure the results in the best way possible. This is important information, so that you can go back and rethink anything that needs to be changed to keep moving forward with your ideas. Looking at data from a 30-day period is a good idea, as well as comparing it to 6 and 12 months ago, so you can measure your progress over time and see how to improve.

Video is easy if you know what you are doing. You need a strong message, you need to envision who the message is directed to, and gear the marketing strategy to appeal to those viewers.  Watch some good commercials or TV ads and see what appeals to you. Chances are the same thing will be appealing to others.

Remember to set goals first, based on what you wish to achieve, design a video marketing strategy that has the elements discussed in this blog, and answer the questions above to ensure that you are on the right track. Remember also that designing an effective corporate web video takes time. You may need to change some things along the way, based on your results. Then try something else to increase your impact. Technology is in a constant state of change, and businesses have to be willing and ready to adapt at a moment’s notice.

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