Social media, corporate video and whiteboard animation tips for the week

Been a busy week for the team, we filmed and are editing 6 new whiteboard animations, also known as sketchboard animations, or video scribe/RSA style videos, as well as created new motion graphic animations for our clients.

Once you produce the content, you need to promote it online.  Here are some hints and tips for the week when you are thinking of sharing your new videos.

Pinterest is gaining as one of the most trafficked social sites on the web.

Glad to say we jumped on this creative websites bandwagon a little while ago.  Check out our photos:

Great source of whiteboard animation, motion graphic animations, corporate video and live video production ideas.  If you like any of the ideas, and would like to have something produced …remember to start here: to start the creative process. (Of course we are happy to help you write, storyboard, produce, and edit them into a wonderful promotional tool for your brand.)

Google Cloud Drive: Seems great, but can your content end up in ads??  Seems like a wonderful back up service, but make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions: