This week, Apple unveiled the third installment of the iPad. While techies everywhere gush praises and rain critique, there is going to be a lot of follow up buzz in the coming weeks, just as there had been anticipation all over the web in the months leading up to yesterdays announcement.

“Buzz” is the golden word for business marketing. If a company can generate anticipation and interest in their product that makes its way across all parts of the web, then they’re certainly doing something right.

Here at Rip Media Group, this is our goal for all of our clients’ products. Whether we’re helping a business through corporate motion graphics and animation or with web videos and social marketing, generating that special kind of energy known, as buzz is always one of the main priorities.

In every client campaign, our team focuses on:

  1. Brand
  2. Buzz
  3. Behavior

Apple may be a world-leading brand and icon for innovative technology, but they prove month after month that it is absolutely necessary to create interest  – early – for an upcoming product launch.

Admittedly, after you’ve built a brand like Apple, generating “buzz” is a whole lot easier, but it’s just as easy to hurt your brand or misstep if you aren’t repeating a successful practice.

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