3 Hints For The Week In Digital Marketing, and Video Production

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Whew! It has been quite an eventful year so far for RipMedia Group, and it’s about time we give some updates, before we have to give more!

  1. We’ve updated our home page to highlight some of our wonderful client corporate and motion graphic videos as well as our new whiteboard animation videos. Go on, check it out here!
  1. We were fortunate to film a client, education reformer Michelle Rhee of StudentsFirst, collaborate with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, and San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed on part of their ‘California Listening Tour’. Although this is not a final product, check out this video we built to highlight the momentum StudentsFirst is building:

Mayor Villaraigosa, Mayor Johnson, Michelle Rhee, Listening Tour 2012 from maury rogow on Vimeo.

  1. A big congratulations to our motion graphic artist Harry for a Webby honor for his work on a new series at the 16th Annual Webby Awards. His motion graphic videos and motion graphic animations have been an incredible asset to our company. Congrats!
  1. Big thank you for inviting us to Seattle, Alliance for Education.  At the 1,000 person annual breakfast meeting, the “Alliance’ played our motion graphic video story, and via the guests in attendance, they were able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars that will directly help K-12 students.  (We will post this animated video in an upcoming blog.)

Alright, folks, here are your coveted digital marketing and hints for the week:

  1. Lesson from the above ‘listening tour’ As you know from our social media presentations, ‘Listening’ to your audience is one of the most important aspects of all the elements in social marketing. Would you promote your product blindly without knowing what your clients want? Only a few people on earth are like Steve Jobs: a visionary who knew what customers wanted before they knew. For the rest of us non-billionaires, we must listen to our target market and create the products that solve their problems. This is exactly what Mrs. Rhee and California’s mayors are doing by listening to voters, and solving as many problems in education as they can.
  1. Looking for a start to an inspiring video? We have created a new and short creative brief that can be used to start your project like the professionals. Get started today and follow this link: https://ripmediagroup.com/creative-brief.  If you need help with motion graphics, whiteboard animation, or corporate video production, our team is happy to help you continue the process.
  1. TubeMogul’s video distribution platform, is now called ‘OneLoad’, and now has its own website.

If you want to streamline your online video distribution and distribute video like a multitasking rock star, One-load is a one stop shop to upload your videos to a dozen sites at once.

As always, we deeply appreciate our clients and those who have helped us grow in 2012. Stay updated and keep informed by following our blog!

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