Using Instagram in Your Marketing Strategy


Instagram gained popularity as a picture sharing app, a “Twitter” with pictures instead of 140 characters. Recently the site added video sharing turning it into another multimedia platform that you can take advantage of to boost your social media marketing strategy. Instagram also easily incorporates with Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, so using Instagram video in these six ways will promote your business’s message on a whole new level.

#1 Product Demos and Answer FAQs

Sometimes it is easier to answer a question verbally or visually rather than typing out a response. Quick and simple how-to videos answer your customers’ questions efficiently and effectively. They also show that your product is easy to use. Instagram video answers to your most-asked questions.

#2 Create a Visual Portfolio

Use the 15-second videos to show off your latest projects to potential clients. An Instagram feed then becomes a visual portfolio or lookbook that highlights your best work. Potential customers can easily see what you are capable of or what your business is all about.

#3 Promote Special Offers and Events

Turn an Instagram video into a mini-self-made commercial for a unique event or offer from your business. Reinforce the message in the description and add a hashtag (# symbol followed by a phrase) to track the conversation and expand it.

#4 Involve Your Fans and Followers

Hashtags are a great way to engage your followers and potential customers. Invite people to submit their own videos—their creative way of using your product, promoting your event, entering a contest—and tag it with your hashtag to track the entries and involve your followers in your business.

#5 Humanize Your Brand

Open your brand up to your customers with little videos that highlight your unique culture and style. Are you an artisan coffee shop? Post videos of your employees tasting and talking about the newest rare roast you are offering. Did your real estate startup just move into a new office? Show off your new location in easy-to-digest video nuggets. Anything that sets you apart from your competitors is great material for an Instagram marketing video.

#6 Boost Your Facebook Engagement

People are more likely to “Like” or comment on a picture or video than they are on a simple text status, so utilize the Instagram-Facebook link to boost your community interaction. The more your customers interact with your social media feeds, the more positive they feel about your brand.

Instagram has over 130 million unique users, and Facebook has even more, making it a rich possibility for your marketing campaign to expand your reach.