Video attracts visitors: How whiteboard animation helped pass a law

It was just brought to my attention that one of the videos we produced this past month has been shared many, many times, and although was produced for a very small market, it hit tens of thousands of views and helped pass an important law in the education market.

In addition to this viewership, it also happens to be the number one search result for any search term that is even close to the subject matter.  Very nice result for the client, indeed.

How does your brand benefit from a video production like this?

There are some hints and tricks.

Yes, it goes back to my mantra – start with good content.  A good story, produced by a reputable company, makes a difference.

Am I saying that because we produce video? No.  Truly, no.

Have a look at the content that come from larger creative and production companies, you will find a great story is the right way to go.

Do you want to bank on a video ‘going viral’?  Hopefully not.

Start with: What is your goal?

There are millions – hundreds of millions – of videos on YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, and other sites.  Very, very few get millions of views.  Is that what your brand needs?  How many hits make your video, or your company, a success?  Are you trying to get millions of views?  Or, are you trying to educate your primary prospective prospects, partners, and investors?

In the project we just finished, the goal was to support legislation to help a large city school district.  The magic number was not 30 million views…It was only 15- 20,000.  It seemed that was enough.  People that watched, took action.  The vote went through, and the bill was passed.  The call to action- ‘CTA’ was clear.

We were also sure to keep the video on the shorter side, even with a ton of content to cover.  The client and our team decided a whiteboard animation, delivers professionalism, hard content, and a fun delivery.

There are many other reasons, and people, who helped that law, and helped a school system, but the lessons, are clear:

  1. Great content
  2. A professional partner
  3. Clear and defined goal
  4. Short and clean creative
  5. A clear call-to-action
whiteboard animation

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