Tips for Video Marketing Success

Tips for Video Marketing Success

When my clients are considering a video marketing campaign, I always make sure to give them a few tips. Video marketing doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does require careful planning to make sure it makes the most impact.

Consider the Audience

This is vital for marketing success, no matter the medium. Should the video’s look and feel be tailored to young people, who want to engage with a brand that’s approachable and friendly? Or is it for potential investors, who want a video that makes its company look professional and serious?

Is the video geared toward people who are just learning about a company, product or service? If so, the video should have a strong educational component. If the video assumes familiarity with the brand, the video should lean more toward reiterating what the audience already knows.

By figuring out whom the video’s targeting and what it’s communicating, companies will help create a strong, successful video that makes a big impact.

Consider the Publishing Schedule

What are the company’s needs? Some companies just need one explainer video for their homepage. If so, they can put their money, time and attention into making and honing just one video.

But many companies come to me in need of a video series. They have a story that’s best told over a series of short videos. If so, how often will these videos be published? Will they come out all at once, or will they be released over a few weeks in order to build interest and tease upcoming content?

Include a Call to Action

Sometimes, a video is all a company needs — such as when the company’s trying to build buzz or provide basic information. But for many companies, video marketing is just one part of a larger promotional effort.

When the viewer’s done watching the video, what does the company want them, ideally, to do? Should they click a link? Subscribe for more videos? Buy a product? Contribute to a crowdfunding campaign?

It’s not enough to just grab viewers’ attention. By including a call to action at the end of the video — or in a Facebook or Twitter post provided with the video — the company will ensure that the video makes the proper impression.


Video marketing is a rapidly growing field. But it needs careful consideration and planning, like any other type of marketing. When I sit down with my clients, I always ask them about their audience, their planned publishing schedule and what, if any, call to action they want to include. That way, we can work together to create a strong video that makes a great impression.