Motion Graphics are Back and HOT!


Back in the 1960’s, motion graphics were one of the hottest things in the market. Don’t worry, no history lectures going on here. But heads up! They are starting to surface again in places where they were all but forgotten – movies, TV shows, and ads. With the move toward online video marketing, they are incorporated into video more and more. Motion graphics are considered, by many, to be one of the most effective means of reaching the masses. But what’s the appeal of motion graphics animation? You’re about to find out!


For one thing, motion graphics give us the illusion of motion. They are usually used at the opening credits of movies or a TV show, and this may be one reason they stay with us longer. When combined with a theme or movie score, they become even more memorable. But perhaps the most compelling component of motion graphics is their ability to captivate the eye. Part of the reason for this is the excellent art work motion graphic animations involve, and the way they can be used to illustrate a point with visual imagery. You can also tell a story which unfolds before your viewers’ eyes in living color. I mean, come on guys.


The future of motion graphics is constantly shaped through changing technology. For example, digital signage as a means of brand advertising and e-learning tools are added to the mix as well as the merging of web and television media. Smart TVs, smartphones, and smart devices cry out for highly-engaging material that captures the attention of viewers and lures them away from less interesting mediums such as static fonts, text, and paragraphs. Not taking anything away from words, but they could be a bit more fun, don’t you think?

According to one expert, motion graphics will be around for a long time, even though the landscaping may change a bit. While they are super hot with viewers and businesses alike right now, like anything new, they may fade a bit and be replaced by the more subtle, practical usages of the medium over time. Right now, motion graphics are all the rage and show no signs of slowing down.

One of the best things about the potential of motion graphics animation is the versatility of the medium. You can create a video, edit and produce it, and have it on the web in a matter of hours! This way you can let visitors interact with your message in no time at all. In fact, they’re so amazing, that they might be considered some sort of magic. Why not get started today creating your own dynamic video through the magic of motion graphics animations?

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