Promoting Healthier Nutrition & Living: A Look Into FKC International


Our work culture focuses around dealing with good people – what our CEO, Maury Rogow, calls his OGP rule (Only Good People). We truly enjoy the work we do and we love working with other organizations who have the same mindset as us. When FKC International approached us with their media needs, we were thrilled to join forces with a likeminded organization that centers around Friendship, Kindness and Care. Learn more about this amazing organization through their case study and the videos we produced. 
FKC International is one of the world’s leading nutritional and health supplement companies. What sets them apart from the competition though is their focus and dedication to “Friendship, Kindness, and Care,” especially in how they do business. They offer members the opportunity to start their own business, which they can operate from any corner of the globe. Members have unlimited opportunities to earn an incredible living, all while supporting their health and well-being.
FKC came to Rip Media Group to help them create content to help spread awareness of their mission. We proposed three very different pieces of content for different markets across the globe.
First was a live-action brand identity film that mixed imagery of their corporate headquarters, their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and lifestyle footage to clearly show who they are as a company, the values they espouse, and what opportunities they offer their members.
Second, was a motion-graphic video comprised of original art and kinetic typography. This video was commissioned to serve as a primer for member benefits, a sort of video instruction manual explaining what working with FKC will yield individual members.
Third, we produced an info-graphic based on the art and script from the motion graphic video. While we specialize in video storytelling, there are situations where a static image might better serve the client, and FKC knew an info-graphic would come in handy at events where they can create large-format 8″ displays.
In all, RMG created three unique pieces of visual, narrative content for an extremely dynamic client, and we hope you’ll enjoy watching the work as much as we did creating it!
Link to Live Action Video:
Link to Motion Graphic Video: