Subverting Expectations In Advertising: A Case Study With AdColony

AdColony - Motion Graphic Video

AdColony, a mobile gaming ad distribution specialist, reached out to Rip Media Group looking for an exciting sales video for their business. They needed a salesperson that would work while they slept. 

After speaking with us, AdColony decided to use a blend of animation and live-action to represent their typical user’s journey . We used character animation to introduce the video’s themes, kinetic typography for flair, and stock footage to explain the sales statistics that AdColony had collected around their mobile ad offering. 

What Message Did AdColony Need to Send With Their Motion Graphic Video?

It didn’t take us long to realize we needed to build brand credibility with AdColony’s audience by stating facts in entertaining ways. 

All this means that AdColony needed to send a message that would both surprise and engage its viewers. 

What Steps Did We Take To Tell AdColony’s Story?

We met and spoke with AdColony before creating the first draft of their story. 

We followed these steps to create a motion graphics explainer video for AdColony that would meet, and even exceed, their expectations.

  1. We asked one of our top writers to create a story or analogy to wrap AdColony’s message into a neat little package. We settled on creating and presenting a customer persona that AdColony’s customers could connect with. Then, we wrote in a twist to subvert the audiences’ preconceptions. 
  2. Afterward, we designed the motion graphics and typography video elements in the beginning section to read as cartoonish and simplified to our target audience. We made this move to lull the audience into a false sense of security and to set our story up for the twist we had planned. 
  3. After presenting our story’s villain, an angry “gamer,” we presented AdColony’s real marketing data and real target audience. The data positioned the market in a very different place than what our story was leading to. This reversal of direction served to surprise the audience and open their minds to new interpretations.

We believe that telling AdColony’s story in this way set them up as a disruptor in their market, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. 

Yeah, But What Did AdColony Think?

AdColony told us that they were grateful for the work we had put in and that they were excited to begin using this video in their routine outreach and marketing. 

This video is a new, regular part of their marketing arsenal. 

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Video Transcription:

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