Time to Get in on Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Why are motion graphics so popular today? Because they’re awesome that’s why! Okay, let’s get serious.The term actually started to become popular back in the 60’s, but it has become even more relevant today. Motion graphics are now being used in a variety of contexts, including commercial ads, popular TV shows, and a number of other venues, all to try to capture the attention of viewers on a much broader scale. And they seem to work!

Research shows that people are more in tune with introductions and stories which are enhanced by motion graphics than any other type of video, with good reason. Motion graphics are constantly moving images that draw the eye to the message you are telling through animations.


Is there a difference between motion graphics and animation videos? Yes, actually. Motion graphics involve the use of three components to create the illusion of motion. The three components are:

  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Animation

Video is any media which is captured, displayed, or projected as a digital or analog medium and which follows the technical standards for video. This can include a wide variety of media and components in a visual format which qualify for video.

Graphics are any still images which can either be used as static pictures or converted into animation.

An animation is a moving image, combining a graphic with a video, which produces the illusion of motion. A very simple example of this is a series of hand-drawn sketches which are combined to create a moving image.


Motion graphics haven’t changed that much from their humble beginnings, but the way in which they are used has evolved to fit the current technologies. Today, we find motion graphics more in cartoons and advertisements, as well as websites and online blogs and videos. They are also more embellished with music and special effects. You may also see this sort of animation in opening and closing sequences of movies and television shows and even corporate videos and online business cards.


The more big brand companies such as Apple and Microsoft get into the motion graphics game, the more these types of videos may become the norm in the near future. Big technology companies tend to use them to excite interest in their brands while also demonstrating some aspect of a new product or service.

Motion graphics can be used in conjunction with video and animation to create unique productions, corporate videos, training videos, explainer videos, as well as for storytelling and product roll-outs. It is truly a versatile medium and may be the perfect example of, “The more things change, the more they stay the same!”

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