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Maury Rogow  President, RipMedia

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Feeling fat and happy as I write this blog after a holiday weekend where I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner …great time! Update: Still eating the 6 pies that were left here.

Just before the holiday, I attended a special screening of The Fighter.  There were fantastic performances by Melissa Leo, Christian Bale, who probably lost 50 lbs for this role, Amy Adams and Mark Wahlberg as The Fighter, Mickey Ward.  Well worth your time to see.

Why write about it here?

Because the producer and star, Mark Wahlberg, the cast, and director, joined us for a Question and Answer session where a very gracious Mr. Wahlberg made this statement, “It took YEARS to put this film together.  YEARS of hard work…  Would have been easier to build the Brooklyn Bridge.”

A multi millionaire said it was difficult?  Half the mainly entertainment industry audience probably thought; ‘Just pay for the film yourself…  Humph.’

So, why not?

Without a marketing plan, and without a distribution partner, your film has a great chance of not realizing a profit.  After the story, marketing and distribution are the most important areas.

An example?  Last year over 3,000 films were submitted to the Sundance Film Festival, and based on industry sources, less than 10 received distribution and marketing packages.   That is less than 1% of all submissions.  Many wonderful stories and millions of dollars invested.  What happens to a fantastic film without that marketing and distribution?  You will likely not see it, unless the producers are lucky enough to find a deal with Netflix or On Demand.  Even with that, they need marketing.

What business would build a product without marketing and distribution?  Most companies never would…yet; it is done this way in many independent films.

The producers knew there would be very little chance this film would be seen by enough people to earn capital without marketing and distribution.  A Chief Marketing Officer/Producer (the CMP) would take care of market testing, finding the audience, the target market, and find the likely distribution companies for your film.  This is crucial to the success of your film.  Mr. Wahlberg wouldn’t risk his own funds…why risk your investors?

There are many steps a successful filmmaker takes, but minimally you need to:

Locate the target audience via web/social media through a variety of tools, target the best distribution partners, domestic and foreign sales agents.  Listen to the audience and use the feedback to tailor your marketing pitch.  Interact and build your fan base via interest groups, forums, fan pages, blogs, and other distribution channels.

A business plan must be completed with your film.  This is how to do it successfully. This is how it was done with The Fighter, and this is what we do.

RipMedia is hired as a marketing officer in film and business projects.  Our offices are in Hollywood, Ca.  Take our litmus test to see if you are on the right path:

Maury Rogow

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