Online Videos Increase Sales

Online Videos Increase Sales

From YouTube to Snapchat, the demand for short, engaging videos is greater than ever before. Today’s internet users don’t have the patience for lengthy blog posts; they demand instant stimulation via high-quality visuals and audio. Deliver on this desire and you’ll enjoy a sharp uptick in sales — and an exceptional return on investment. Fail to integrate videos into your marketing efforts, and your competitors will leave you in the dust.

Videos vs. Words: Why Videos Are More Effective

The cliche about a picture being worth a thousand words holds true in the virtual sphere, but videos are even more valuable. According to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, just one video has the same impact as a whopping 1.8 million words!

Videos are extra effective because they simultaneously provide auditory and visual stimulation. If your audience relies on visual stimuli alone, they’ll only retain 10 percent of presented information. This alarmingly low retention rate jumps to 68 percent if you add in an auditory element.

How People Respond to Videos

Today’s world is undeniably mobile, and if there’s one thing people enjoy while browsing their smartphones, it’s viewing video clips. This insatiable demand perhaps explains why video now accounts for half of mobile traffic. Furthermore, mobile users are three times as likely to view videos as their desktop and laptop counterparts.

Despite what we’ve been told about the YouTube rabbit hole, viewers don’t necessarily get stuck in an endless trap of watching videos; upon seeing a video, they are twice as likely as non-viewers to visit a related website.

Increasing Conversions: What Are You Waiting For?

Click-thru rates are impressive for video-based campaigns, but this approach won’t merely entice new visitors to your website; once there, videos convince prospective shoppers to take the next step in the sales funnel.

More than half of consumers claim that they feel more confident in their purchasing decisions after they’ve viewed a video. Your video, therefore, not only scores you that first big sale, but also future sales and even referrals.

High-quality production is key to marketing success in today’s video-obsessed world. No matter your goal, we can take your marketing effort to the next level with compelling, visually effective videos.
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