Client Review: Product Overview Video for Software Company (Convoso)

Convoso Product Overview video

Rip Media Group had the opportunity to create a motion graphic video for Convoso, makers of a cloud-based marketing automation software for converting leads.  After we created a product overview video, the team at Convoso put together the following review for us, which included the following scores:

Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

This is what they had to say:

We wanted to communicate the value proposition behind our product using a story that kept the viewer engaged and prompted them to request a demo. We planned to use the video on our home page and the landing pages of our paid marketing campaigns. The purpose of the video was to gather more leads.

We met them through a business peer group. We considered three other companies, but chose Rip Media Group because of their ability to tell stories through video.

During several phone calls, they asked many questions about our product and developed three or four concepts. Once we picked a favorite, they wrote a script, asked us to select voice artists, and showed us the storyboards. They made several changes that weren’t in the original scope of work, and we approved several drafts before production.

Rip Media Group created a company and product overview video. It addressed the challenges of successfully connecting with leads in a time when few people answer the phone.  

They scripted, filmed, and edited, as well as produced storyboards, cast voice actors, and created multiple concept iterations.

We provided our logo and brand style guide, and they took care of everything else. It was refreshing to know we could count on them. They created the designs, script, and concepts. We simply reviewed and approved them.

We just posted the video, so it’s too early to tell. However, prospects have told us that the video communicates our message in an understandable manner, and that it was the reason why they reached out. Rip Media Group did a great job of explaining how our software solves client problems through multiple communication channels.

They’re experts not only at producing videos, but also at telling a story. That combination was extremely powerful, especially since our goal was to generate more leads.

They remained proactive throughout the project.

New customers reported that the video sparked their interest and prompted them to request more information. Rip Media Group told a compelling story that engaged and persuaded viewers. The team organized materials meticulously, established a smooth workflow, and implemented feedback well.