Client Review – Animated Promotional Video for Action Engineering

Animated Promotional Video for Action Engineering

Rip Media Group was retained to create two explainer videos for Action Engineering, a woman-owned engineering consulting firm that works with organizations to achieve their Model-Based Definition/Enterprise (MBD/MBE) design and manufacturing goals.  Here is how Action Engineering rated their experience (5 is the highest ranking).

Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

And here’s what they had to say in their review:

Many design and manufacturing firms still use inefficient paper drawings throughout their supply chain. We wanted to explain why adopting and implementing MBD/MBE with Action Engineering could benefit their company. 

Our goal was to articulate how investment in MBD/MBE can improve manufacturing quality, increase profitability, and retain employee satisfaction for a company. So we hired Rip Media Group to develop a short informational video. 

We held several initial phone calls with them, during which we defined our company’s marketing objectives and client industry segments (with one client in particular as the focus for phase 1 of the animated video project), as well as the scope of MBD/MBE in any manufacturing process. 

We also explained the industry challenges associated with adopting MBD/MBE in the workplace and the best way to convey the benefits. Rip Media came back to us with sketched storyboards that we had a chance to review and comment on for industry-specific adjustments crucial to us and our prospective audience. The artist refined and presented updates to the storyboard and introduced light animation to give us a visual of the video’s flow.

The small but efficient team welcomed feedback and responded quickly with experienced, professional solutions.

Due to time constraints in phase 1, we decided to proceed with a live-draw Whiteboard Animation Video, which worked perfectly for us, and we used our audio recording capabilities to record our CEO telling the story. We quickly set to work on phase 2, a full animated video that contains a broader call-to-action and is now a permanent part of our video marketing tool kit.

The phase 1 product, which completely met our expectations, was directly deliverable to an interested client to help them with internal explanations of MBD/MBE. While we have not been privy to their internal conversations, their engagement with our firm on MBD/MBE consulting has continued to move forward.

The workflow was very effective. The 1-2 weekly live shared-screen meetings were engaging and productive; we often received a link in advance of the meeting that allowed us to view their progress. Communication was good through phase 1 and exceptional in phase 2, as we had already established a good frame of reference and objectives. Both the CEO and the artist actively listened to our comments, and their professional recommendations and suggestions were helpful in guiding us toward alternative options when necessary.

Not only were they willing to listen to and digest any questions or concerns we had throughout the process, but their solutions were quick, decisive, and well executed.

From the very beginning of both phases, we prioritized discussing everyone’s ability and availability to meet deadlines and deliverables. By doing this, we were able to balance a variety of schedules.

Through attentive and assiduous communication, Rip Media created an articulate, compelling message that has already resulted in new client acquisition.