Speed Drawing

Here at Rip Media Group, were always on the lookout for amazing campaigns that we can share with you – and this week were looking at a new one from Forever 21 that focuses on a unique means of speed drawing. In fact, as far as speed drawing goes, we think youll agree that its pretty darn fast! And even if its not right for your campaign, its certainly inspiring and fun to watch.

So without further ado, lets introduce Forever 21s Instagram Powered Thread Screen – youll agree its like watching a whiteboard video come to life! In terms of size and scope imagine a ten foot tall whiteboard animation only done with spools of thread. Wow! You really have to see it to believe it. And best of all, it takes your images and presents them on Forever 21s Powered Thread Screen.

So how do you see your images on there? Basically, all you have to do is tag your Instagram photo with #F21Threadscreen then head over to F21Threadscreen to see it literally come alive on their Thread Screen machine. It will also record it on video and put it up on YouTube – so if you use your company logo, youll get a free, quick marketing video to toss up on your site!

Heres Forever 21s video that shows what went into its creation and upkeep.


The Thread Screen machine that they built weighs over 2,000 lbs, contains 6,400 spools and has 200,000 parts. Click on the video to see the whole thing at work then head over to F21 Thread screen to get your company logo on the thread screen! Its a hugely powerful tool to get people talking about you and your product and it has the added element of personalizing the consumer within Forever 21s brand.

Its not motion graphics animation, its not a whiteboard video, and nor is it whiteboard animation – but we think youll agree that by thinking out of the box, it makes for an absolutely unique marketing video.

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