The Intern Cage by Carly Davidson


Coming from a small town in Massachusetts, I was extremely nervous when I first arrived to LA. I had thought about what working in a real LA office with a real LA company would be like; scary demanding bosses, ridiculous hours, a dark office hidden away from the sun…and then I found Rip Media Group, AND IT WAS ALL I EVER FEARED, just kidding, quite the opposite actually.

I came to Rip Media, a bit nervous, overdressed, and excited to where this summer could lead. Needless to say that all my fears completely vanished after my first day. I was able to witness from start to nearly finish, what it took to produce a live action commercial for the amazing charity Imagine LA, including working in the art department, the area of production I am interested in pursuing. I was also able to learn about the different types of animation and the advertising styles that are present in the current commercial world.

As I sit here on my last day at RMG, I am saddened and amazed how fast this summer has gone. I look at it as, I never got to sit around bored, thinking, “when will this be over”, instead, I was constantly involved in something related to my area of interest while also learning about the business side of production, something I never, but should have, considered before.

Thanks to Rip Media, I am returning to my senior year at Ithaca College more educated about the business of film and commercials, working hands on, in a production, in the art department, and extreme gratitude that I was able to work with the amazing team at Rip Media Group. Thank you RMG for an amazing summer, and to anyone considering working for/interning/working with Rip Media Group, do it, I promise you won’t regret it.