3 Video Marketing Lessons Learned: R1 RCM “Why?” – Motion Graphics Animation

3 Video Marketing Lessons Learned: R1 RCM “Why?” - Motion Graphics Animation

R1 RCM (https://www.r1rcm.com) approached Rip Media Group to help with their video marketing efforts by creating a series of videos that explain how they help large hospitals and health organizations optimize their revenue by correcting billing mistakes and providing guidance on how to accurately protect their income.   Here are the 3 Lessons Learned from our work with R1 RCM.

  • Once we dove into their content, we realized how complex the aspects of their business were, as well as the benefit to their customers.  That helped us shape the three videos. This is the second in the series, focused on the “Why” of the company. In other words, the need and benefit of the revenue integrity solution they provide.  Lesson: sometimes the true message is hidden deep within the content provided.
  • Our production team, including artist and animator, chose to use a clean interesting visual motif to help give the audience (filled with prospective clients) a better idea of what R1 RCM does for them and how much they can gain.  Lesson: sometimes simple and clean is better. 
  • With the help of the script and the aforementioned visual style, we helped them define their message.  Lesson: sometimes we help the client beyond video marketing and actually deeper into their sales cycle. 

In the end, the client enjoyed the finished product and it’s going to be used throughout their sales process.




Video Transcription:

We’ve all heard it. That nagging voice in the back of our head: are we leaking too much revenue? How much are we losing?  Do we even know?

Let’s face it – if you’re losing any money at all, it’s too much. But many health systems are losing as much as 3% of their net revenue annually, and that can mean significant dollars. Could yours be even worse?

Being successful at revenue integrity is complicated and hard to maintain. And it’s difficult to quantify your success. Changing regulations and dynamic payer contracts only exacerbate the complexity. Often you don’t know what you don’t know, which can leave you feeling helpless and blind.

At R1 we are obsessed with bringing you cash in the door quickly and compliantly. Revenue Integrity Solutions is a technology enabled service that analyzes payer contracts in conjunction with health system data, identifying opportunities previously unseen. We eliminate the guessing game of what your team should work on so your resources are going after real money that matters.

We eliminate your blind spots and help you assess the impact of changes to contract charges, coding and pricing so that you are in the driver’s seat of your financial health. We combine extensive personal service with our proven technology, delivering maximum results. Best of all Revenue Integrity Solutions is risk free. You pay us only when you get paid.

Silence those nagging voices and optimize your net collections today with R1 Revenue Integrity Solutions. Find out how much you can gain with our fast, easy assessment.