4 Insights About Adapting to the Changing Video Marketing Landscape


The video marketing landscape is diverse and full of pitfalls. So, what’s the most reliable way to navigate the future of marketing? 

I was asked a similar question in a recent interview with Authority Magazine. During the interview, we talked about my business history, my advice for any young entrepreneurs, and so much more! Please read the full article here and let me know what you think! 

I’ve taken one of the most interesting snippets from my interview with Authority and wrote about it here for your convenience – my solutions for weathering the changing video marketing landscape. 

Pay Attention to Algorithms

Algorithms drive our new search and social-media-based industry.

Honestly, I love algorithms. The use of algorithms in marketing has changed the way that I view distribution. In fact, the algorithms we work with now can often dramatically decrease the cost of a traditional marketing campaign. 

Better yet, algorithms give you near-instant feedback. You can scientifically tweak your social media strategy to maximize your impact in a fraction of the time you would’ve been able to before. 

Authenticity Is Key

Even Google knows when you’re lying

It sounds pretty creepy, I know, but Google knows when you’ve copied material or when your story doesn’t match up with the rest of your site. 

In the same vein, your customers can tell when you’re lying or blowing your credentials out of proportion. The 21st Century consumer’s B.S. meter is stronger than ever. 

In our new age of marketing, mutual respect created through authentic communication is your best friend.

Video Will Need to Work For You

We’re a video marketing company, so of course, we believe in video production! However, it’s essential to know that we don’t just believe in it blindly. 

Our research has shown that… 

  1. Videos will hold an incredibly strong influence over the marketing landscape in 2021.
  2. Video marketing consistently produces a positive ROI for marketing strategies. 
  3. Continuous observation of the ROI that video generates points towards a steady increase in the value video offers. 

However, video isn’t all daisies and roses. 

Many companies have recognized video’s value, and the market is steadily becoming more crowded. That means that video marketing is going to have to take a step up with personalized videos. 

So, how does personalized video help you adapt to the future of marketing?

Your videos in the communications you send to prospects will take a more active role in assisting your salespeople. Say your customer receives a fantastic video personalized with their name and information. They will automatically be more receptive to outreach from your salespeople. 

Personalized video creates consistently positive results. In fact, the results that we’ve seen are so positive that we’ve created a tool called The Video Bot that you can use to create a personalized video for your brand instantly – no editing needed.

Brand Story Will Guide Your Journey Through the New Marketing Landscape

Finally, telling your brand’s story should always be at the very core of your brand’s marketing strategy. 

Your brand’s story lets your customers know why your business started, why it’s still going, and – consequently – why they should care about and trust you. Marketing will be more about empathetic communication as personalization and local marketing become more common in the coming years. 

Additionally, research shows that listening to a story increases comprehension and encourages what scientists refer to as “neural coupling” and “synchronizing” behaviors. These reactions to stories occur when an audience member relates heavily to a story that is being told. 

Individuals who experience these connections often engage in mirroring and demonstrate an advanced level of comprehension. 

Adapt or Die

We believe in your ability to conquer the changing video marketing landscape, and we hope that our insights toward the changes in marketing we see were useful to you and your marketing efforts! 

As always, if you’re curious about anything we’ve said, or if you would like to talk about getting started with future-proofing your business with video, reach out!  

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