Cheaper Is Not Better (When It Comes To Video Marketing)

Cheaper is not Better_ Video Marketing

Is cheaper better? It’s a simple question that has plagued humanity since the advent of currency. (Yes, even before video marketing was a thing.)

When cavemen realized they could buy a yak for 3 stones instead of 5, mankind has been thumbing his nose at overpriced charlatans.

But let’s face it – sometimes a yak sucks! And he’s barely worth half a stone!

A simpler question to ask yourself is, has cheaper ever actually worked out for you? Okay, maybe you truly knew what you were getting for half the coin/stones, and you were fine with it.

You were in a hurry, it was convenient, you knew you’d “pay” later – in other ways – but at the moment “cheaper” just had too much going for it.

But when it comes to video marketing – and ultimately your brand and business – being in a hurry and needing overly convenient should not be a consideration.

You’re trying to convince your audience that your product or service has value. It is imperative that you do it with a video that doesn’t project low value. Video that is done well will be the most valuable tool your company has in its arsenal, and can feed mouths (employees, families, and yes, yaks’) for years to come.

Personal note: it takes 6-9 months to get well trained and degreed animation and video producers to the level that they are ready for customer projects here at RMG.

If you are going with an overseas or new resource, your head of marketing is likely going to have to invest 40-60 hours of time creating, guiding, giving notes and feedback so many times that she may just walk out in protest!

Further, if you are a business executive making the decision, keep in mind the per hour wage that your internal project owner makes. Is that budget best spent on a low priced hoodwink-artist with endless-revisions? It needs to factor in to that ‘cheap price’.

Take a look at this video to further understand how cheaper is not necessarily better.

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