Choose Your Character! How Authentic Marketing Wins Hearts

authentic marketing

What makes good, authentic marketing, and why is it so effective?

Good authentic marketing is all about taking a stand and taking that stand matters now, more than ever. The best, and sometimes the only, way to reach your customers currently is through digital ads and social media. The more you’re able to take that stand and connect with an audience that’s feeling increasingly isolated, the better you’ll do.

So, you need to tell your story and show your values BETTER THAN YOU’VE EVER DONE BEFORE.

What Does Taking a Stand Look Like?

The best example of an authentic video we can think of is The Dollar Shave Club. With their intro video, Dollar Shave Club established itself as an honest company worthy of your trust. Better yet, the humor in their introductory video established them as a real entity. The Dollar Shave Club showed a personable character that their viewers related to and liked. 

Authenticity is about showing your customers that you can understand and solve their pain in a way that aligns with their values.

Authentic Marketing is Character Driven

Authenticity in your brand videos needs to be many things.

  • To create authentic content, you need to…Be clear on your values
  • Be transparent with your cash flow
  • Be honest about your day to day operations
  • Be responsive to your customers
  • Hire ethical team members
  • And more.

Yet, more than anything, you need to become an entity that your customers can interact with and feel comfortable around. 

In 2018, the Edelman Earned Brand report stated that 64% of consumers are belief-driven. If a brand’s stance on controversial issues lines up with a consumer’s beliefs, they are more likely to buy from that brand. 

Think about Ben & Jerry’s and Nike’s stances in the recent push for racial equality. 

Then think about Gillette’s bid to combat toxic masculinity with their viral short film “The Best a Man Can Be.”

Finally, consider Patagonia’s ongoing donations to nature conservation programs.

Your company needs to present itself as a character with real opinions in every public relations setting. Become an “individual” to be authentic and relatable. 

Warning: Don’t Try to Beat the B.S. Meter

Even Google knows when you’re lying. 

Sounds creepy, we know. Still, Google knows when you’ve copied material or when your story doesn’t match up with the rest of your site. 

Google states that duplicate content is often used to artificially inflate the search rankings of sites that consumers don’t want to see. 

Google then describes how pages on the internet are cross-referenced against each other and penalized if crawling algorithms find duplicate content. 

Your customers do the same thing. If they notice that you’re stealing information from other sources, or if your content is repetitive and aimless, then they will stop following your company. The modern consumer has a B.S. meter that’s stronger than ever.

A common misconception is that truth in marketing is only about being honest about features and specifications. Staying truthful in your marketing is also about telling stories that are truthful to what your company embodies.

A great way to tell authentic stories is to gather real credible reviews from your customers. You can mail them a video kit like this to gather raw stories and emotions. The authentic reactions of your customers will reflect well on your company’s persona. 

Who Will You Choose to Be? 

Does Authentic Marketing Matter?

It always has. In fact, you’ll notice that our examples are several years old even though we’re talking about authenticity during a pandemic. 

More and more people are experiencing isolation for the first time. So, making a genuine connection is more important than ever. 

If you would like us to help you take a stand, reach out. Your authentic marketing story starts here.