When It Comes to Video Marketing, Stay in Your Lane!

Stay in Your Lane

Video marketing is like sports – there’s no mistaking a professional athlete for an amateur. Professionals devote the vast majority of their waking hours, including on holidays and weekends, to practicing and building their bodies. They often risk injury and are frequently away from their families. Amateurs, meanwhile, practice and play for fun and when it’s convenient. Another way of saying all of this is that pros and amateurs have separate lanes. If you ran a professional sports team, you’d never hire an amateur.

Marketing requires professionals as well. However, you might notice something curious when your company seeks to produce marketing videos. Amateur marketers in your office may have passionate opinions about those videos. Of course, such employees are trying to be helpful. The danger, though, is in trying to accommodate as many of their ideas as you can. In the process, you could greatly weaken your campaign’s effectiveness.

Video Pros

The importance of marketing videos is undisputed. By 2020, 80 percent of global internet traffic and 85 percent of American internet traffic will involve video.

We believe it’s vital to hire outstanding professionals and trust them to create every aspect of your videos, from the initial concepts to the final edits. After all, anyone can come up with video ideas. What really separates experts from amateurs is the execution of those ideas. Pros know just the right ways to light, shoot, edit and score their work for maximum psychological impact. Each video they make for a brand is part of an original, cohesive, powerful vision.

Company Lanes

Naturally, the people you’d rely on to do your accounting are those with experience and training in that field. You probably don’t even trust yourself to balance your books.

Why, then, would you let someone with no background in advertising or filmmaking alter your marketing videos? The field is enormously complex, and the difference between a winning campaign and a forgettable one can be tiny.

In the corporate world, a team is successful only when individuals stay in their lanes. When they don’t stick to their specialties, it leads to disorganization, fighting and lost resources. As a widely respected agency, we’re the pro athletes and champions of video marketing. Remember, your story starts here!