“Get In Get Out”: Video Marketing Hacks from a Video Production Services Pro

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A question from your friendly neighborhood video production company pro: What do fresh fish, family, and business video have in common?

The longer they linger, the less appealing they become.

I know you love when your wife’s Aunt LaVerne comes to visit, but let’s be honest: you can only take so many stories about her rotator cuff procedures before you find yourself slowly backing away from the table, in hopes that you can slip away unnoticed.

At this point, you know all the names of her plethora of prescriptions by heart, and if you have to sit through her listing them out one more time, you might just find yourself tapping into that 18-year old scotch you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

When LaVerne spots you in the kitchen, where you’ve tried to take solace, you can tell she’s got her sights on you.

She informs you that she’s been wanting to surprise you with some good news: she’s decided to stay another week.

Where’s that scotch?!

When family comes to visit you, it’s a joyous occasion. But truth be told, it’s best when their visit is short and sweet. Video marketing is no different!

Click the video below to find out how.

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If you are in the 1.98% that likes to read, here is the transcript of the latest video in our “Video Marketing Hacks from a Video Production Services Pro” series…

Maury Rogow here from Rip Media Group, ripping through some video marketing growth acts. That little guy, he’s got a longer attention span than most millennials right now. Seven seconds! So you have to get to the point faster. Don’t take 10 minutes to say what can be said in 30 seconds.

This is where you start...