‘The Lone Ranger’ Argument for Video Marketing

Argument for Video Marketing

You may not know the name “Fred Foy,” but his career in broadcasting underscores the significance of video marketing to your advertising strategy. In 1948, Fred Foy became the announcer for one of early television’s most successful series, “The Lone Ranger.” You may not know who Foy was, but you’ve almost certainly heard his signature phrasing of “Hi-Yo Silver! Away!”

What you DO know about “The Lone Ranger” is how Clayton Moore LOOKED as a crusader for justice in the old American West. The mask, white hat and neckerchief of the iconic lawman define the hero’s signature image so strongly that even today, almost 60 years since the TV show went off the air, people can still identify “The Lone Ranger” simply by seeing an image of the character.

Images Tell the Story

Such is the importance of imagery. Visual elements are critical aspects of every marketing strategy because they share a story so vividly. Sometimes a simple logo is all that’s needed to invoke both the recognition of the brand and the emotional attachment to it. (Think of the Coca-Cola symbol and try not to start singing, “I’d like to buy the world a coke …”).

Video Images Are Better Than Still Images

In today’s digital marketing universe, visual imagery is often the difference between a mediocre campaign and a viral one. Videos offer a broader opportunity to reach consumers than still photos do because a single video can work across the full spectrum of the consumer engagement process. For online shoppers doing an initial search, a video provides the product information they need to click through to the next step. For current customers looking for new options from their favorite retailers, videos introduce new products while enhancing the emotional connection between the shopper and their trusted brand.

2D and 3D Graphics

At Rip Media Group, we create 2D and 3D motion graphics to generate video imagery that invites new viewers to click through to your pages and beckons existing customers to come back for more of your quality products. We know your company has a story to tell and an image to present, and we are here to help you visually craft that message. Whether you know how you want it to look, or are looking for ideas for marketing videos, our professional artists can help you create and sell your message to all levels of your potential customer base.

To be successful in today’s uber-competitive marketing world, don’t be a “Fred Foy.” Be a “Lone Ranger.” We can help. Hi-Yo, indeed.