Overcoming Your Clients’ Objections for Video Marketing

Overcoming Your Clients Objections for Video Marketing

From reluctance to make a significant investment to the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” mentality, clients may cite a variety of reasons for avoiding video marketing. Although flimsy, these objections can be surprisingly difficult to overcome, particularly if those resistant to video refuse to consider any of your arguments. Don’t lose hope; it’s possible to bring even the most stubborn individuals on board. Keep the following considerations in mind as you strive to convince clients of the value of video marketing.

Case Studies

Flash and pizzazz rarely convince business leaders who inherently object to video marketing; they want hard proof that videos are worth the investment. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate video marketing’s value is to present relevant case studies indicating improvements in lead generation, conversion and, ultimately, the example company’s bottom line. The right case study can sway even the most stubborn client.

Highlight Statistics

In addition to case studies, executives who object to video marketing may respond well if you crunch the numbers. Provide up-to-date statistics from authoritative sources that back up your claims about increased conversions and other video marketing benefits. Be sure to highlight projections about video marketing’s promising future and use these stats to demonstrate how companies that fail to adopt this approach will quickly fall behind.

Describe the Process

Sometimes, people simply object to concepts they don’t understand. Resistant clients may need information not only about video marketing’s benefits but also about the process itself. This allows them to see how video will play into their overarching marketing approach. Offer a clear description of the video marketing process so that clients know exactly what to expect.

Offer Concrete Campaign Ideas

A vague description of video marketing will accomplish little; clients want to know specifically how this tactic relates to their unique goals. When meeting with reluctant parties, arrive prepared with a list of insightful ideas and encourage them to provide honest feedback.

Video marketing is the future, and the sooner clients understand this, the sooner they can harness the power of video. From stats to creative ideas, there are plenty of great opportunities to highlight video’s value in the modern digital sphere. We’re always eager to assist you. Remember: your story starts here!