Video Marketing Question #4 – How Do You Prioritize Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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Let me tell you a little story.

A professor takes out a canister.

After he drops in a few rocks, looks at the class and says, “Is the canister full?”

Everybody kind of shakes their head, “Yes, the canister’s full.”

He then takes some pebbles. He pours the pebbles in. “Now is it full?”

Everybody’s a little surprised. “Yes, it’s absolutely full.”

Professor: “Are you sure?”

Class: “Yes.”

Then he takes out some sand and he pours it in and fills up all the little crevices.

Professor: “Is it full now?”

Everybody says, “Absolutely, it is.”

The metaphor:

The rocks are the big things you want and need to accomplish, the pebbles are the things that we get to less often, and the sand represents the things that we do every single day… the daily tasks of that fill our days.

The moral of the story?

If you keep focusing on the sand and the tasks, you never get to the big things.

The same goes for your marketing strategy.

The ROCKS are video, in this case.  This is your core message that needs to be told in a meaningful and high-quality medium.

The PEBBLES are the blogs, the infographics, or the social media posts that are about the big message that you created in your video.

The SAND is your everyday activity. Working on your SEO, your PR, website upkeep, etc.

If you focus on your everyday tasks and social media, you will never tell your truest and most valuable story.  

Start with your video, do it well, create it with high quality, and build your messaging around it weekly and monthly.  One video, if done well, should create enough smaller content to last for hundreds of posts.

In the video, you will learn about a customer we worked with that followed our strategy and created 6 months’ worth of quality content, from only one main video.

To look at your options, just start with our creative brief, download our Video Workbook Starter, or give us a call for a free consultation at 888.899.8910.