Video Marketing for Explainer Videos: ‘Sell the Hole, Not the Drill’

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Do you remember the first home you moved in to as an adult?

What were the thoughts running through your head when you saw it for the first time?

As a video marketing pro, we focus on stories and getting a message across in the most effective way possible. So, I can almost guarantee that you weren’t wondering what the size of the screws were in the window frames, or the color of the electrical wiring run inside the walls.

You were likely trying to picture your future life there.

Maybe you were imagining yourself pushing your child (or future child) on a tire swing underneath the big oak tree out front.

Perhaps you were already envisioning the awesome barbecues you could host in the spacious backyard.

The point is that you weren’t concerning yourself with the minute details that went into constructing that house.

At that moment, you were focused on the result.

You were wondering if that house was going to be your house; a house that would quite literally hold all that you hold dear.

Let the video production services pro interrupt the nostalgia for a moment to show you how this fits into video marketing.

More hints and video marketing tips coming, so stay tuned!

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Some of you actually like to read, so here’s the transcription of the video above:

Maury Rogow here from RIP Media Group, ripping through some video marketing hacks for you. And here’s rule number three of great storytelling. Sell the hole, not the drill. I know you’re proud of what you built. And it may have taken you years of coding and algorithms and hardcore engineering. But you know what your customers think of that? They’re thinking, what’s in it for me? They want to know the result in what’s going to happen in their lives that’s going to make them better, faster, stronger, smarter. It’s a reversal for many brands of what you’ve been doing for so many years. But you need to think in terms of what your customer gets. Their benefits.

What’s important to them, and let’s start there first. After you uncover the pain in the situation that they’re going through, and you can show that you can solve it with real results. Then you can talk about your features and your differentiators. So start with why, then to what, and then get to the how. Start with the result, that’s the hole. Not the drill, which is the features, the benefit and the product. More breakthroughs and rules coming up, and remember to start your story today. And to see more videos in this series just click on the thumbnail right there on your screen.