The Best Marketing Video Lessons: Let’s learn from Disney

I’m a HUGE fan of Disney marketing.  It’s genius.

There’s a huge lesson you can learn from the Walt Disney Company.

Disney has mastered the art of cross-promotion.

They’ve got movies, merchandise, music, magazines, comic strips and more. Ever noticed that most attractions in Disneyland come from a movie? That’s all on purpose.

In fact, they’ve been doing that since the early days. Here’s their recipe from 1957:

Disney recipe from 1957

Have a look at this video, making Disney’s strategy simple:

They’ve been able to blend it all together perfectly.

Which gives them opportunities to cross-sell and generate revenue from different sources.

And you should do the same thing with your business. Cross-promotion.

You’ve probably heard the golden rule of marketing, right?

“Before someone buys your product or service they need to know, like and trust you”

Use tools like:
The Video Bot –
Marketing Videos
Social Media channels

What else do you do to cross promote?