The Dreaded Disconnect: Video Marketing Hacks

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…And as she nervously held up the package of pancetta to begin her pitch for Mr. Pigg’s Benevolent Bacon, Sally Sales came to the horrifying realization that she had stumbled into not just any convention, but the “2018 Vegan Convention”.

Take it from a video production services pro, you don’t want to ever find your marketing videos getting boo’d off the stage like Sally..

While it was far from a good day for Sally, it certainly could have been better if she’d have done some research.


Perhaps you need those rules as well…so, here is a series of hints, tips, hacks, and RULES of great stories that you can use to improve your brand, and, your sales.

Rule #1:

If you know your audience, you can hone your messages directly to them. Check out the YouTube video to learn more!

More video marketing hints and tips coming from a video production services pro soon, so stay tuned!

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Some of you actually like to read, so here’s the transcription of the video above:

Maury Rogow here from Rip Media Group ripping through some video marketing hacks for you. Here’s the deal, you work for a media company now, you may actually work for a high tech company or a bioscience lab or a bank but the reality today is your company is a media company. The winners will be separated from the losers by the quality of the video that you release.

So what does your media company need to know more than anything else? That’s the rules for great story. My team and I have produced feature films seen on HBO and Showtime. We’ve created a 1,000 commercials and web videos for start-ups raising millions of dollars to Fortune 500 brands. So let’s dig into what we think the best rules for story are.

Here’s the first. Know your audience. What is your avatar? Who are you going after? The more you know them, the more you can gear messaging directly to them. Are you selling your products to everyone all the time? If you are, you’re likely spreading your marketing message way too thin. A lot of ambitious CEO and CMOs like you see Facebook and they see a clear B2B and B2C winner out there. Remember, Mark Zuckerberg started at one particular college, an Ivy League school, and then he spread out to other colleges and then he actually started to grow further. Remember, he had an avatar that he followed up with which was male between 18 and 21 in the upper northeast. And that’s just the first step.

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