A Video Marketing Guide To A Better Website Pt7

Video Marketing Guide to Better Website

Here we are with the 7th part of our series “A Video Marketing Guide To A Better Website.” In today’s blog we will begin to hit the next part of the process vital to creating your company’s newer – and better! – website – Site Build Out & Quality Assurance. And since this stage of the process is a lot longer than the others, we’re breaking it into three separate parts. Welcome to Part One!

The following steps are where all your hard work and preparation come to fruition:

  1. Find every page on your existing site that Google has indexed.
 Go to Google.com and type the following into the search bar – “site:www.CompanyWebsite.com.” The results page will show all pages Google has indexed for your site. You can use Webmaster Tools to find all pages on your site with links coming to them, helping you to prioritize pages based on importance.
  2. Develop a 301 Redirect Chart. A 301 Redirect Chart is an Excel spreadsheet meant to help your web team set up 301 redirects for URLs that will not exist on the new site. 301 Redirect Charts are simply Excel spreadsheets with two columns. One column lists all the old site page URLs that will not exist on the new site and page URLs that will be different on the new site. The second column lists the corresponding new URLs that traffic coming to the non-existent or updated
 page should be redirected to. Here’s when a 301 Redirect should be set up:

* If a page will not exist on the new site, set up a 301 redirect to send traffic coming to that page to a related page or the homepage.

* If a page’s URL has changed, even by one letter, make sure to set up a 301 redirect to direct traffic to the new URL.

  1. Submit the 301 Redirect Chart to your web team. They will then create and upload this to your site.

Note: This can be added to your new site before launch without affecting the existing site.

  1. Obtain access to the CMS from your web team (if you don’t already have it).

We’ll take a break here and move on to the second part of Site Build Out And Quality Assurance in our next blog, so click on through. Hope you’re taking notes! And remember – your story starts here.