A Video Marketing Guide To A Better Website Pt9

Video Marketing Guide to Better Website

Welcome back to the 9th installment of our blockbuster series “A Video Marketing Guide To A Better Website.” Let’s get into the final part of the Site Build Out And Quality Assurance section:

  1. Create all pages within the CMS and organize according to the Graphic Site- map.
  2. Upload all images, graphics and call-to-action buttons that will be used throughout the site. You will upload all images and graphics to one folder in your CMS. To then add them to the page, use the option on the page editor that pulls the image from this file into the page. Larger images tend to load noticeably slower depending on a user’s Internet connection. Best practice is to upload images/graphics into the CMS as close as possible to the size they will appear on the site. Any image editor should give you the ability to adjust image-size dimensions.

Also, get familiar with 
pixels and use them when sizing your images. This
 form of measurement translates better to the web than inches will.

  1. Give your team the green light to begin uploading all content and optimization into the proper pages. (Remember, links should be added at the end just in case there are any last-minute URL changes.)
  2. Perform quality assurance by reviewing the site for:
  • Proper display on all browsers (i.e. I.E., Firefox, Safari, Chrome).
  • Any copy typos.

  • Consistent formatting.

  • Broken links.
  • Quick image load time.

  • Proper site structure and navigation.
  1. Confirm with your web team that verification and analytics tracking codes have been installed.

Okay, now let’s move on to the next step – the Site itself! Head on over to our next blog – the final one in this series – and we’ll go over what to do next.

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