Video Marketing Minute: How Do I Promote My Video?

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My friend Andy Glickman created this short Video Marketing series designed to answer some of the common questions we get in the industry.  I joined the podcast and gave my thoughts regarding where to place a video on one’s website. Have a listen, or read, of our conversation, and see if you agree with my thoughts.


ANDY: Hi everybody. Welcome to another Video Marketing Minute. Andy Glickman along with Maury Rogow, CEO and Founder of Rip Media Group. Hey Maury.  

MAURY: Hey there. Hey everybody.

ANDY: Today’s question: How do I promote my video?

MAURY: How do you promote your video?  Great question. So like we talked about a lot: what is your video? Is it an ad? Obviously there’s places for that. Is it a capture video? Is it a commercial? Is it a product video? They all have different places to go and how to be promoted. But let me give you some of the basics.

  • So let’s take the assumption that we’re in the landing page video or the the explainer video as it’s called. So we’ll just say that there’s some basics, and one thing that I can give you is 10 ways to promote your video. We actually put an infographic together a few years ago and this is going to cover those basics. You want to make sure that it’s in your email signature. 
  • Put a nice easy link or a quick graphic that’ll make it through your email server so people can click on it and watch your video. So whether your company is ten people or fifty, if everybody sends it out, that’s an extra hundreds to thousands of people. They could just click that link and learn more about you. It’s a great place to put it. 
  • You want to do it on ad networks. You want to put it out there on SlideShare.  There’s LinkedIn. Linkedin is where the business customer is typically. Buyers will go there for different things so you want to make sure that you’re putting it out on those networks. Again a lot of that’s in that guide that I mentioned.
  • Now how do you promote the video that you put out there? That is more of a culture video. All of these should be promoted within video email marketing where you can use tools like The Video Bot since you can do outbound video email with your own email and personalize them.
  • You could do things along the lines of putting the links to them in the ad networks and that sort of thing. 

I know I’m not giving you a quick one, two, three, but we luckily did that and I think the other resource that you guys could use is – I’ll give you a link and you can put it out there – but this is basically a link to how to create the salesperson that never sleeps, and the salesperson that never sleeps should be video.

So your video can work while your salespeople are sleeping, flying, traveling or whatever, and this gives you all the hints and tips on how to set video up to work for you.  

Whew.  How did I do?  Was that a minute?

ANDY: Sort of. Who’s keeping track though? More great information from Maury Rogow.  Maury, we appreciate it as always. Thanks everybody at home or at work watching. We appreciate you as well.

For more information on how Rip Media Group can help you with your video marketing needs  visit them at and we will see you next time on Video Marketing Minute.

Take care.


Agree with what I had to say about where to place your video?  Do you have any additional thoughts you’d like to share?

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