Video Marketing Minute: The Value of Testimonial Videos

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My friend Andy Glickman created this short Video Marketing series designed to answer some of the common questions we get in the industry.  I was fortunate enough to join him and give my thoughts regarding the use of testimonials in videos. Have a listen, or read, of our conversation.


HOST:  When do you use testimonials in your videos? 

MAURY:  So testimonials are extremely important. There’s one time to use them, and it’s extremely important in the customer journey. 

If you take a look at the customer journey, the part that you’re trying to nurture and educate the customer is the point that they really need as much information about you and all your competitors that they can get their hands on. They’re trying to get everything. And nothing works better than having somebody else talk about you and how their life and their business is better because of you and your product and service.

  • So testimonial videos are great, but you don’t need those right up front. You need your marquee video, something that talks about your elevator pitch, you need an explainer, you need a product video. 
  • But on your About Us page – believe it or not, your About Us shouldn’t necessarily be about you. Your About Us could be about how these customer’s lives are better because you’re helping them. That’s a good place for testimonial video. 
  • If you go to Testimonials or Reviews, people know what to expect and they’re going to start asking, “Are these legitimate, are they authentic? Are these real customers?” or do they look and see, you know, this person’s brother, aunts came over and recorded something for them. 

It’s gotta look good. If you’re a quality brand, then your videos and your testimonials have to be as high a quality.

If you’re selling a really inexpensive item and you’re doing it online, then sure, a little web video can be just fine. But if you’re Cisco and you’re selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear, you can’t have somebody on a web video. It’s gotta be that executive at that company that made the difference. 

The testimonials aren’t something you just think quickly about and go grab a testimonial. It’s got to match your brand. It gotta tell the story about how it made them better, and the subtle hint there is how you made them better.  Not chest-pounding about how you do everything for everybody. It’s gotta be relatable. That’s the big word. 


Agree with what I had to say about Testimonials and Testimonial videos?  Do you have any additional thoughts you’d like to share?

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