Video Marketing Minute: Where Should I Place My Video On My Website?

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My friend Andy Glickman created this short Video Marketing series designed to answer some of the common questions we get in the industry. I joined the podcast and gave my thoughts regarding where to place a video on one’s website. Have a listen, or read, of our conversation, and see if you agree with my thoughts.

ANDY: Hi everybody, welcome to another Video Marketing Minute. I’m your host Andy Glickman along with Maury Rogow. Maury, we gotta jump into the question. Where do I place my video on my website?

MAURY: Great. Where do I place my video on my website? Well the answer is a little bit of a question. What kind of video do you have, because they all go in different places. You can’t literally just say, “I have a video, where do I put it?” It all comes down to the customer journey, which means how are you getting people to buy faster?

So you want to walk them through your buyer’s journey or the customer’s journey as fast as possible. So here’s the way I look at it. So there is the attract video, the capture video, the nurture, the educate and the convert, and then there’s the expand. So that little acronym there: ACNECE is what we use all the time.

  • So Attract videos are not gonna be on your website. That’s the ad that they saw or the SEO or something. Possibly a video that’s on YouTube and it says, “Hey if you want more information, go to this website now.”
  • Now you’re at the Capture phase. So you want to capture an email address and that should be front and center top, above the fold on your landing page. So your landing page may be your homepage. Your landing page might be particularly any page for two particular products or for particular ad campaigns that you have. But the video, if it’s good, if it’s quality and it tells a good story, front center top above the fold. And you want to make a nice big fat play button so people know to go there.
  • So that’s your capture video. Now your nurture and your educate videos, this is after people say, “I like this. I like where they’re going. This is interesting to me and important to my life.” How can it give them information? “I knew I wanted more.” You want to nurture them along and educate. So the nurture videos are gonna typically be on the more information pages. So those are the product deep dives. 
  • This is the convert page of your website. Not the front page. The people want to know like what’s it like to work with you, what are the people like there? “Maybe I want to come work with you, maybe want to partner with you in a long term partnership.” So you want to have that on the about us.
  • So the interesting thing about culture video, it really can’t be all about you. It’s got to be about how you help and why you do what you do. It helps the people that are watching. It educates them more, deep dives in the video and then the convert is the final video, the light, that last coup de Gras to get people to buy. That could be a personal message, that can be deeper dives, that can be timeline.
  • And then expand. That’s after people buy. You want them to expand the product. You want them to buy something else that you have. That is also going to be on a landing page or a product page, probably not the front of the center page.

ANDY: Awesome. There are many facets to that question. Thank you so much for covering all of them. I really appreciate it. And we appreciate you for listening at home or at work. This has been another Video Marketing Minute.


Agree with what I had to say about where to place your video?  Do you have any additional thoughts you’d like to share?

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