Video Marketing Minute: Who Should Host My Video?

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My friend Andy Glickman created this short Video Marketing series designed to answer some of the common questions we get in the industry.  I was fortunate enough to join him and give my thoughts on a question that comes up quite often. Clients often want to know what to do with their video once it’s produced.  In particular, who should host it and where? Have a listen, or read, of our conversation, and see if you agree with my thoughts.


ANDY: Hi everybody, welcome to Video Marketing Minute. I’m Andy Glickman along with Maury Rogow.  How are you doing, Maury?

MAURY: Great, thank you, Andy.

ANDY: I’ve got a quick Video Marketing Minute question. This week we’re asking where can I host my video?

MAURY: Where do you host your video? That’s a great question. So some people put their videos out on trade shows, some people put their videos out for live events, most people are putting their videos online – not just on the salesperson’s computer.

So you’ve got I’d say three major choices on where to host your video.

  • First, the video networks out there. The two biggest and candidly our favorites of course are YouTube and Vimeo. There are some smaller ones. You have places like Wistia, you have I think there’s Daily Cafe. But really we deal with the big two. And the good thing about YouTube is they’ve taken a lot of their embed code advertising post video view stuff out, so it’s better for business. So if you’re gonna take it, you grab the embed code, you put that in your website, and then you can play the video straight through. So YouTube has this amazingly powerful and fast network. Boom – your video plays through to YouTube.Vimeo, very similar, also has some created tools so that you can do things like end a video call outs and the video watch my next video here or our next explainer video whatever second choice.
  • There’s third-party hosting services. This is where you get your Amazon Web Services, there’s some others, obviously Microsoft Azure, that kind of thing. Those are good, as well there’s a little bit more technical expertise needed. But they are very fast and huge servers and inexpensive.
  • And I’d say the third is mainly your website host. So your shared hosting, your dedicated server. So these are all the folks out there, like In Motion and Hostgator and Bluehost. 

Now there are things that go along with that that really depends on your speed. The speed that you’re paying for – are you $1,000 a year customer or a $9 month customer or a $10,000 a month high Bandwidth. 

  • The best for speed is probably going to be the folks that are just purely dedicated to this: YouTube, Vimeo.
  • The second would be those third-party hosting services I talked about, and then your website host.

Just looking at capabilities, it’s really up to you to decide that, but I think that’s longer than a minute and there’s where we and where we suggest our customers go.

ANDY: Perfect. Great information as always. See folks, turn him loose and just watch the knowledge spew out. That’s what I always say. Thank you Maury for your time. This has been another episode of Video Marketing Minute. For more information on this and more questions, visit, check their blogs, check their information. We’ll see you next week.


Agree with what I had to say about Hosting a video?  Do you have any additional thoughts you’d like to share?

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