Video Marketing Minute: Why Should I Use a Call to Action in My Corporate Video?

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Once again, I appeared on a Video Marketing Minute podcast where I was posed with the question regarding the need for a Call to Action in your video marketing efforts. Have a read and a listen.  Let me know your thoughts.

HOST:  Hi everybody, welcome to another Video Marketing Minute. Andy Glickman along with Maury Rogow, CEO and founder of Rip Media Group. Today’s question: what should my call-to-action be?

MAURY:  At the end of your video or maybe a couple points within the video, and then reinforced on your website, and even the sales people.  It should be a consistent message that asks somebody to do something. The basic ones are “call us to set up a consult,” “see a demo,” “attend a webinar,” “enter an email address” or “get a newsletter.”  

  • What you’re doing is you’re getting engagement. You want something back and if you give enough value to somebody, they’re gonna give you something back.
  • The call to action has to be there. If you don’t have it there you’re just gonna turn it into the white noise.  You’re gonna be something that was neat, that happened, that they saw. They think they’re learning about and they’re gonna forget about it.
  • If you don’t call the hero to action, he just goes about living his life. So you got to call them to action to do something in every video that you put out there. 

If you don’t call Superman or Batman to action, then all we ever do is watch them eating cereal.

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