Video Marketing Through The Customer Journey (All The Way To Conversion)

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Let’s talk about how you should be using Video Marketing throughout the entire Customer Journey – all the way to Conversion and beyond.

I’ll start with a question for you: how easy is it for your customers to buy from you? I can’t answer that for you but I can tell you that making it easy is about getting the best message to your customers at exactly the right time with the right story.  And to do that requires mapping out a path for them. 

I’ll also tell you that the path designed to guide prospects to becoming customers is paved with great videos. And that your visual story has to be different for every one of these stages to guide prospects to becoming buyers. 

In the first stage, your prospects know nothing about you. This is the Attraction phase. You can attract a customer to your website or to make a phone call to you with videos based on Facebook, YouTube, Google and your partner and affiliate sites.

If people are attracted to what you created, then they’re going to start on the Customer Journey. You have to point out a pain that they have and you also have to show that you can solve it and that you’re uniquely suited to do that. 

Now the buying journey really begins.  On your landing page, you have a more detailed explainer video or product video that shows the look and feel of the ad they saw before. It must be consistent. 

The goal here is to see if your customer is really interested, so you need to get them to give you their private contact information. You’ve got to pack what you’re giving them with value.  Provide more value, and it’ll be easy for them to share that information with you. 

The next step is to Nurture that prospect through the path.  They want to learn more now. You’re going to need videos with deeper dives into the product. How it makes them better, faster, stronger, thinner, healthier. 

They’re going to need social proof as well. You’re going to have to have customers give testimonials and put those out there on your website so that they can trust not just you, but the people that have already purchased from you. There’s nothing better than having other people talk about you instead of having you talk about yourself.  

The next step is going to be massive education through consumption of content. Your prospects are going to start looking around everywhere at you and your competitors. You’ve got to be the one that’s educating them the most through How To videos, product videos, and the results they’ll get. 

Most of these steps are done without your salespeople. Five years ago, your outbound and inbound salespeople could handle this.  Today, everybody’s collecting all that information on the web via Google and Bing. 

The next phase is the Conversion. They decided to become your customer. That’s great! To show the appreciation right off the bat so they have no buyer’s remorse send them a Thank You video and next steps in the kickoff process, and explain what’s coming next and how it’ll benefit them. 

Now that you’ve got a happy customer, it’s also time to start that cycle again and expand on the relationship. You can’t just throw the same product at them again because now they have a need for the next step in their customer journey. 

So what do you have in your portfolio that helps them do the next thing that helps them out? That’s what you need to start cross selling and upselling and add value to them the entire way. 

So the entire customer journey is extremely important, and you’ve got to get the right message with the right story at the right time to your customers and prospects. 

So take a look at the Customer Journey from Attract, Capture, Nurture, Educate, and Convert. Then the upsell and cross sell starts them on the journey again.  

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