Why does Video Marketing Work?

Video Marketing

Have you ever been in a movie theater and noticed most of the people around you wiping their eyes? Have you ever seen a film, a television episode or even a commercial that affected you so strongly you were still thinking about it days later? Narrative videos just have an uncanny ability to move people.

For that reason, marketing videos can really attract attention and close sales. In fact, after a person watches a video about a certain product, the odds are 64 percent greater that she or he will purchase it.

Engaging the Mind

The number of consumers who prefer video is four times larger than the number of consumers who prefer text. Therefore, informative videos are ideal for introducing products and training people how to use them.

Indeed, videos can get facts across in creative and entertaining ways. You could post a whiteboard video that tells people how you manufacture a particular item. An explainer video, meanwhile, might briefly describe your goods or services and show how they solve problems. The possibilities are limitless.

Don’t forget crisp graphics and a soothing voice-over. With those elements in place, your products will linger longer in the minds of consumers. And, if your clip ends with a clear call-to-action button, you should soon discover that your sales are spiking.

Appealing to the Heart

In essence, all advertisements say the same thing: This item will make your life better. If you can convey that idea with poignancy and passion, you’re sure to galvanize people, and many of them will get in touch with you as soon as they can.

For example, one of your videos could discuss how a product saves people time, thus giving them more hours to spend with their family members. Similarly, you could explain how one of your offerings will save viewers money over the long haul. As a result, maybe they could finally book a dream vacation. You might also get personal and talk about why you’re so passionate about your line of business.

When you back up those statements with stirring music, clips of beaming faces and other rousing images, you’ll motivate people more effectively than you would with facts and statistics alone.

Exciting the Senses

What do action movies, romance novels, video games, roller coasters, and skiing have in common? They’re all popular, and they all get the heart pumping. It’s natural to face tedium from time to time, and many people seek escape and thrills, however fleeting.

Thus, in so many cases, videos that shake people up get shared exponentially more often. Not every video can give people a physical rush, of course, but try to do so when you can. Present a hilarious scene that makes viewers double over in laughter. Show off a few amazing stunts. Display startling animation or visual effects. Strive for videos that are loud, sexy and joyful. People will definitely come back for more.

What could be more versatile than a marketing video? Such a creation can cross cultural barriers and appeal to all ages. It’s amazing to consider how a video can live on indefinitely, burnishing your corporate reputation all the while.

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