Why Choose Interactive Video Marketing

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Interactive video marketing should be on your radar.

“Why” you ask?

Well, to start off, digital and video marketing has become the norm. Currently, according to demand metric and smart insights, 83% of marketers believe that video is essential, and mobile and digital video investment has grown by 53% since 2016. 

That means, if you’re not trying everything to stand out, then you’re being buried by a sea of competition. 

So, how does interactive video help?

Interactive video hits at the core of what video marketing is all about. It maximizes engagement in a way that traditional video could only dream of. It encourages consumers to stay engaged, it helps us track engagement, is easily gamifiable, and is memorable.

Stay With Us!

Most customers are either distracted by their phones or are busy professionals with several monitors and too much on their minds. You should capitalize on any chance you get to break through their busy haze, and interactive videos are a perfect way of doing that.

Interactive videos are engaging. As your customer watches the video, they’ll be asked questions and prompted to insert themselves into your company’s narrative. 

Prompting your customers to come on a journey with you is a huge advantage when it comes to standing out among your competition. 

Are You Tracking?

Interactive video gives you a unique chance to gather information about your customers.

Even without a fancy piece of software, it’s easy to observe traffic from one page on your site to another. Watch your site visit metrics before and after posting your video. Does traffic to pages you’ve linked within your interactive video increase or decrease? 

Even if traffic decreases, you’ve gained valuable information about what your customer prefers. 

Data gathered by your interactive videos makes planning out your next campaign much easier.

It Was All A Game

Like games, video interactivity makes your customers ask “what’s next?”

Gamified marketing has been represented by apps and by rewards programs – but using interactive marketing video has rarely been considered. 

But when it is, this kind of gamification in marketing has been shown to work over and over to increase profit by increasing engagement. 

Remember Me?

Any business owner should know that the absolute hardest part of any advertising is getting your prospect to remember you. Gone are the days when you had to be in front of a customer 7 times before they buy. If a potential customer remembers you after just one interaction then you’re ahead of the curve.

Gamification and engagement form a perfect storm for positive memories. Anyone who’s engaged with your interactive video is much more likely to remember your brand and your brand’s message. By interacting, your customers are forming strong new neural networks specifically tied to your brand. 

This fact specifically is what gets us excited about the potential of interactive video. 

How Can You Make An Interactive Video?

There are many ways to make interactive videos with solutions from DIY to fully custom. You can reach out to a video producer and a coding expert individually for a fully custom solution. Alternatively, you can look for an all in one solution like The Video Bot

Whatever you choose, we can help. Reach out to us for more information on fully custom and premade solutions.