Your Marketing Video and Price

Your Marketing Video and Price

When you consider doing something (not must making an explainer video) – taking action of any kind – there are considerations and contingencies.

When you consider jumping out of an airplane, you might think:
“Do I have a parachute?”
“Why do I even have a bucket list anyway?”

And then you think about contingencies like, “How can I tell my brother-in-law I don’t want to do this without being relentlessly teased and called a wimp?”

Well, video marketing is a lot like jumping out of an airplane – although we promise there’s no indiscriminate bird waste. And one of the biggest considerations is cost. “How much is this costing me?”

But raw, straight-up cost isn’t always a determining factor – and it shouldn’t be – for whether to go with a certain video marketing company or style of video. The below video should help explain things further. Check it out.

At Rip Media Group, we offer a Buyers Guide so you can Ask the Right Questions and get or stay on the right path to the video that’s perfect for you and your brand.