10 Questions To Ask Your Video Production Company Pt2

Video Production Company

We’re back with the second part of the 10 most important questions you need to be asking your video production company. Let’s dive right back in.

What styles can you produce?

We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a production company with expertise in a variety of styles of visual storytelling. Why? The visual style should fit the story. You never want to force your story to fit into a particular visual style.

In the midst of the creative process, you may want to pull in filmed footage or create multiple videos, or you may find motion graphic is a better way to explain your story. Be sure your agency can deliver what you need, when you need it. You have many stories to tell, don’t limit yourself from the get-go.

How do changes and adjustments fit into the process and budget?

If you want to be an active part of the creative process, providing input and making changes, be sure that your agency has planned for this 
in the schedule and the budget.

Many small agencies quote an artificially low price to start, but make a few changes and you may find your initial budget has now doubled. Large agencies can be less flexible when it comes to ‘creative differences,’ so make sure creative flexibility is built into your choice of agency. You know your business better than anyone. We believe it’s the production company’s job to listen to YOU!

How many projects can you deliver simultaneously?

Be sure you know how many people are at the studio and how many projects can be managed in a single week. Be cautious of small shops or freelancers who can’t handle multiple jobs. Once they get you started will they become scarce when a bigger payday comes along?

It’s much like a small home improvement project: the plumber shows up and starts the work, then no one shows up for the rest of the week, you can’t reach anyone, and you’re stuck waiting for the work to be completed. As the video production industry grows, be sure to hold your agency to a high standard of quality, affordability, and attentive service.

We’ll fill you in on the rest of the questions in the next blog, so click on through! Remember, your story starts here with Rip Media Group!