10 Questions To Ask Your Video Production Company Pt3

Video Production Company

We’re back with the third part of the 10 most important questions you need to be asking your video production company. So without further ado, let’s dive right back in.

Can you show me original and different stories?

Beware of companies that use the same story in every video. Templates that have been used
 over and over again may save time and money, but you’re putting the most important goal of a video
 at risk: making an impact. It’s simple: if a story has been heard a million times before, it won’t be very effective.

It’s scientifically proven that original and unique stories stay in our memories longer. Anyone can create a video, but it takes a committed agency to create a video that makes people feel emotion and take action.

Can you please explain your production process?

If there is no defined process, your project can suffer from ‘project creep’ and take much longer than expected.

Look for something similar to our proven 5-step collaborative production process that keeps you in the loop and projects on track. Be sure it includes previews of key elements in your video so you can comment and sign off on each 
step of the production process.

See: http://ripmediagroup.com/process/video-production

How does your agency handle and track notes?

Some client projects involve multiple stakeholders and decision makers, making collaboration and feedback a challenge. If the agency is managing a project via email, this could become a nightmare.

That’s why it’s critical to have a rock solid collaboration and project management system in place.
Save yourself headaches from the beginning. Find out if your agency uses a Cloud-based system that makes it easy for everyone to access at the appropriate level of involvement. Ask to see it in action.

See an example of a solid Project Management System: https://vimeo.com/71939634 p/w: Rip

There are more questions we need to share with you, so hop on over to our next blog and see the final set.  Remember, Rip Media Group will engage you with all these questions – and a whole lot more. We aim to be the top production company in the market and the only way to get there is to help you make the best video productions. Your story starts here!