10 Questions To Ask Your Video Production Company Pt4

Video Production Company

We’re going to round out the final set of questions you should be asking your video production company.  We’ve already tackled eight of the questions in the previous blogs (if you’re starting here, go ahead and read Pt1).  

How long is the production process and how much will it cost?

While production budgets can vary according to the visual style, a brief project description should be sufficient to give you a reasonable estimate of time and money.
If you have a rush project, be sure to get in touch with previous clients who were in a similar spot, and ask them how it went.

Always get a completed project rate quote, never hourly rates. With so many moving parts involved in the production process it’s best to have clear delivery dates and budgets. Avoid uncertainty and feeling like the clock is ticking on your budget.

Can you explain how this campaign will fit in with our branding?

Is the video being made to fit your branding, or does the video look a little too much like the brand of your video producer?

Even if all of the previous questions check out and you find you’re dealing with a sterling, professional production company, it’s important that you don’t underestimate the significance of this question. Remember: you are not commissioning a painting—you are making a video for your company!

Video has a wider reach than anything you may do in marketing, so it is imperative that you are represented with your brand, your look, your feel, and your voice.

So be empowered, ask questions and good luck! And remember, Rip Media Group loves producing videos to help you reach your goals, whether it’s live-action, motion graphic animation, or whiteboard animation. It’s kinda what we do – and we do it every single day of the year. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can help you craft your story.

Never forget – your story starts here!