10 Tips to Kill It in Video Marketing and Business Blogging

Video Marketing and Business Blogging

Your company’s web presence should already consist of two things: video marketing and business blogging. But having the baseline isn’t enough anymore. Individual user engagement and broad brand exposure are intricately related, and easily accessible—if, and only if, your web marketing game is on point. Here are ten tips to get you there.

Tips 1-5: Business Blogging

  1. Post regularly on your business blog; daily is best, but weekly can work.
  2. Structure your posts following the rule of thirds: strong headline, big image, and a call to action.
  3. Choose your words wisely and limit your text to 250-300 words.
  4. Punch up the visuals with frequent line breaks, bold text and bullet points.
  5. Integrate your content and video marketing with rich, relevant video posts, which brings us to…

Tips 6-10: Video Marketing

  1. Increase visibility with on-page search engine optimization for all marketing videos.
  2. Share, share, share! When it comes to the social media hierarchy, video is king. Start on YouTube and promote your content across Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  3. Extend your video marketing with an email opt-in on every page.
  4. Offer to guest blog or submit an on-topic explainer video to other sites.
  5. For the most effective video marketing, go for storyline over selling point.

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