10 Video Production Marketing Strategies You Need To Know Pt 1

Video Production Marketing Strategies Part 1

There are lots of tips and tricks out there to help boost your video production marketing strategies. Here’s the first part of a two-part blog where we’ll share ten of them with you. Let’s jump straight into them –and hopefully you’ll be able to use a few!

Testimonials A quote that sits on your website as text does just that – it sits there. So how about you make it come alive? Literally! Well to do that, you are going to want to do away with text and start making video production testimonials. Ensure they’re short and sweet – as short as the text-based ones are – and you won’t go wrong.  A customer viewing somebody who’s talking about you in an engaged, passionate way will tend to look at your company a lot more seriously. And here’s another tip; don’t host them on a platform that will overlay it with ads. You don’t want anything to divert away from the basic message that you are amazing.

Show Us Yourselves! Bouncing off of the video production testimonials, why not add video productions of your staff? Customers want to know who they’re working with – so despite the fact that most of your team may work from home or around the world, you need to present some happy, smiling faces. Put some videos together of your team – heck, throw in the company cats and dogs too! – and your customers will feel a lot more connected to you.

Event Planning If you’re planning on an in-person event, your best way to promote it is via a video production. Make it a short (maybe 30 seconds at the max) and sweet way to connect with your potential invitees. Perhaps you could incorporate video/pictures from prior in-person events. At the very least, start recording footage at each one so you can use it later.

Live-stream You’re planning a webinar? How about you plan a live-stream event instead. Webinars can be so boring and impersonal. You’re standing in front of a camera, delivering what’s basically a monologue and your audience is left trying to engage you even though they only have access to a slide deck. Snooze fest ahoy!  Live video streaming is cheap and easy to set up and you’ll connect a whole lot more on a personal level.

Recruiting Via Video Let’s face it; you need good people to work for you and the best way to get them is to attract them. How do you do that? Create a video that shows off just why you’re the best place in the world to work for. Incorporate some testimonials from current employees. Let your potential new hires take a look around your offices without having to fly out there first.

There’s your first five! The next five will be in Part Two. In the meantime, remember that your story starts right here, with Rip Media Group!