10 Video Production Marketing Strategies You Need To Know Pt 2

Video Production Marketing Strategies Part 2

Here it is – the second part of our ten video production marketing strategies that you need to know. In the first batch we told you about testimonials, live-streaming and recruitment. Here’s the second batch.


Your product doesn’t just exist in a vacuum. It’s part of something much bigger – and creating a series of video productions to cater to that bigger picture can only help. Take Lowes, for example. They realized a lot of the visitors to their website were doing DIY projects and these people were searching for items before they made any purchases. Armed with that knowledge, Lowes began producing short how-to videos that answered their customer’s questions – and then some. Each video ends with a call-to-action that sends the customer to Lowes’ website along with a list of what materials to buy. Try doing something like this.

Video Mail

What’s the best way to get people to open up your email? Give them a reason! So record a short video voice-mail, then add in the subject line something along the lines of “I’ve sent you a video voice-mail! Open it up.” That’s a lot more intriguing than “read me.” You might also want to add a call-to-action at the end of the video – something like “let’s put something on the calendar” – then link your calendar itself to the email.

Customer Support

More often than not, the questions your customers have are asked over and over. So why not pick the top five and shoot five quick videos answering each one. That way you can free up your support or sales staff (and save money!) and the customers get their answers from a face, not an FAQ.


Another quick video production solution to your product’s updates is to share that information on camera. Who wants to plow through endless pages of dry text each time you release an update? Um, just about nobody. Tell customers what they can expect in the latest update and do it with a smile.

Holiday Cards

Everyone sends out holiday emails – and most everyone else just deletes them with a glance. Have you thought about sending out a holiday video card? A video production that’s personal (and cute and maybe even funny) will connect with your clients like nothing else, remind them that you’re human, and show them that you go the extra mile.

So there you go. Ten top tips to help your video productions grow in 2016. Always remember that your story starts right here, with Rip Media Group!