3 Reasons to Fire Your Web Video Production Team

Web Video Production Team

And, cut! When the cameras stop rolling on your web video production, that’s when the real work begins. If you are a small or medium business, and your marketing, promo or explainer video agency simply sends you the final media file and thinks their job is done, it’s time to leave them on the editing room floor. Here are five reasons to fire your production team—or five ways to know you found a winner.

On-Page Video Optimization

  1. Lack of contact information. Include a phone number and email address, ideally in the last frames of the video (as part of the call to action) and on the web page where the video lives. The more channels of communication for your consumer, the better to collect feedback and generate leads.
  2. Lack of Working Web Forms. A fillable web form should live next to any web page videos to encourage immediate engagement. Questions, comments, even video feedback should be explicitly requested—and queries must be promptly answered.
  3. Lack of on-page SEO. Search engine optimization is an indispensable part of web marketing, and particularly video marketing. While hosting web page videos will inherently improve your website’s rankings, you can further optimize—by ensuring fast page loading times, for instance—to help drive more organic traffic to your site, thereby driving up views and increasing conversions.

Other Ways to Engage

You can further improve your site’s visibility by pushing out all content updates on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—which recently began hosting videos in addition to static images. Web page videos are inherently more shareable than text-heavy posts, and will almost always generate more “Likes” and “Shares.”

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