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Rip Media Group Whiteboard Animation


Whiteboard animation and RSA-style videos are an increasingly popular form of marketing for businesses and organizations. Just type “whiteboard animation” into Google, and you’ll get nearly 4 million results. Suddenly, video scribing and speed drawing are a coveted skill for marketing companies everywhere – why?

People want information in the most simple, easily digestible way possible. Most of the time, a guy in a suit standing in front of his awards and credentials just isn’t going to cut it if you want to effectively sell the ideas and concepts of your company. This is where whiteboard animation really shows its brilliance:

  1. It’s relatively simple to produce. You need a whiteboard, a talented speed-drawer, an excellent lighting person, and a good visual concept. Paired with good  narration, you suddenly have a visually informative video that not only is relatively simple to create, but also should cost less than your average promotional video to make
  2. It’s fun to watch. This is why whiteboard animation has really taken off – you get to share more information about your company while also giving more entertainment value to your viewer. You get to watch visual storytelling come to life, with wonderful renderings that effectively illustrate what you’re trying to understand. It’s clean and basic, yet fully entertaining, which is why companies love it so much…
  3. It’s easy to share:  Everyone loves watching it. Every web video that features whiteboard animation has the potential to reach a wide audience, and might even have a chance to go viral. TheRSA.org has several whiteboard animation videos on Youtube, with amazing results: these videos have a total of 27 million views!  Other whiteboard animation videos have millions of views apiece. You can see by the numbers that a giant volume of viewers enjoy and share interesting content.

Maybe now you’ll consider video scribing and whiteboard animation for your company, too!

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