3 Secrets For Marketing Via Email: Video plays a role

Video Marketing

Let’s start today’s blog with some mind-blowing information about video productions and emails. GetResponse did a study recently that included almost one billion emails – and it turns out that there’s a 96% higher click-through rate for video-related emails than those that didn’t include video. Is your mind blown? Are you salivating at those numbers? Here are three secrets we at Rip Media Group are going to share with you that should ensure you similar results.

Stress Video Value  –  How much do people love their video? Over 6 billion hours of video productions are watched every month on YouTube. But people still need a little push in the messaging part of your email – something to tell them why they need to care about your video. It’s up to you to come up with a great reason why your audience needs to click play as opposed to just assuming they will because they opened up your email.  You should also consider adding a personal touch to your video production as they really help connect you with your audience.

GIF It Up  –  Unfortunately, video playback isn’t yet supported in a lot of email platforms (includin g Google, Yahoo and Outlook). But GIFs are! So you should set about creating an animated GIF with a call-to-action button or a play button. That way, people who open your email will see a quick video loop playing in their inbox – something they’re more inclined to then click and watch.

Tell Them It’s Got Video!  –  Simply putting the word “video” in the subject line of the email is pretty much guaranteed to both boost the message and get your audience to click through.  In fact, using the word “video” in that subject line sparks open rates by 19%. Video productions also increase conversion rates by 21%. And here’s another fact; emails that utilized video for direct calls-to-action had a 53% higher click-to-open rate than emails that didn’t mention they had video. So just by using the word video you’ll get more open rates and video views. Thanks, video!

Rip Media Group wants you to increase your sales and boost your marketability which is why we post these blogs. We also want to create the most compelling, engaging video productions for you, so reach out and get in touch!

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