3 Ways to Create Your Video Marketing

3 Ways to Create Your Video Marketing

You have decided to take your promotional efforts to a new level and engage in video marketing. That’s great! According to the BIA Kelsey Group, video watchers are twice as likely to ask for more information after watching a video than they are after a phone call. Online videos are more affordable than television ads, and just about anyone can load something onto YouTube. The next question is how do you proceed?

D-I-Y Video Production
The simplest way to get a video online is to tape it yourself. Get together with a colleague or friend, have them tape you presenting your product or service, edit it and then put it out on the internet. With all your human foibles on screen these videos are charming, but they can also be too long and unfocused.

To tighten up your presentation, practice. Write a script and learn it well enough that you don’t have to refer to note cards. Invest in a tripod so your camera doesn’t move around constantly, and try a couple of takes.

Partially Professional
If you are not comfortable editing film, then make sure you go the extra step of hiring an editor. A production company or an individual can handle this job. They may include music and intro scenes, as well as producing a video that is properly cut and spliced. The end product looks much better than any D-I-Y can, and it presents a professional view to the public while keeping costs lower.

Full Scale Professional Production
Why shouldn’t your videos look as good as the ones the “big guys” create? A professional corporate video can’t be beat for its ability to connect to people and present them with a convincing sales message. They can also use other techniques to get your message across.

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